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New Evidence Suggests Cicadas Are A Part Of The MAGA Movement



You may have heard of the Biblical swarm of cicadas which has righteously descended upon the Nation’s Capital. Known as Brood X, the cicadas have birthed from the very ground Joe Biden stands on in the hundreds of millions. 

Brood X is so prevalent in the DC area that they picked up on doppler radar as a weather event. The situation is very ‘Moses’ right now. But as pesky and gross as they sound, it turns out that their agenda of destruction is a political one we can get behind. 

Today Brood X swarmed the chartered flight of the White House Press Corps headed to the G-7 Summit in the United Kingdom and infiltrated the motor downing the flight indefinitely. The fake news media press corps was forced to switch planes delaying them by at least six hours. 

Brood X has officially done more for liberty than any member of current Republican Congressional leadership.

So I think you’ll join me as I say: FLY MY PRETTIES! FLY!

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