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BREAKING: Experts Predict ‘COVID SURGE’ This Summer, Governor Ron DeSantis Pushes Back



On Fox News earlier this week, America’s favorite Governor Ron Desantis made some predictions about the future of COVID-19.

Following the widely reported “expert opinion” from Dr. Peter Hotez that summer would likely bring a surge of Coronavirus cases, Ron DeSantis reminded viewers on Laura Ingraham that these “experts” have been wrong before.

And they’re probably wrong again.

“Well, you know, some of these people get put out there all the time when they’ve been dead wrong over the last year,” he told Ingraham.

“For example, a lot of these experts criticized Florida for getting our kids back into school in August,” DeSantis explained. “They said, oh, this’ll be two, three weeks. Everyone’s going to get sick. All the schools are going to have to shut down again. And that just never happened.”

DeSantis pointed out that his decision to go against the expert opinion really paid off.

“I think the schools are probably one of the places that had the fewest amount of infections out of anywhere else in our society,” he said. “So you’re wrong on these really, really big issues that impacted millions of people. And yet you’re still out there parroting stuff.”

WATCH the governor really go off:

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