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Even The Mainstream Media Is Hitting Biden On His Extreme Support Of Abortion



President Biden has come under fire recently by a number of Catholic Americans who are appalled by his support of abortion.

By executive order, Biden has eliminated protections for pro-life Americans who do not want their tax dollars going to abortion in our own country and he’s eliminated the regulations that prevent that money from funding overseas abortions, too.

Some in the Catholic church have suggested that Biden’s extreme support of the horrific act should exclude him from taking communion.

Even the mainstream media is getting in on it to hit Biden. Meghan McCain, a “republican” commentator on the View, accused the president of “doing grave spiritual harm to himself and harm to this country” over support for abortion.

In a particularly poignant segment (for the View), she told the audience that “he’s going to have to ultimately talk to his creator when the time comes as we all do, and reconcile his politics with his personal faith.”


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