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BREAKING: Is Tucker Carlson Being Set Up By The Same People Behind The Debunked Steele Dossier?



You may have heard that Tucker Carlson has issued a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to make public communications which he believes will show the NSA has been spying on him and his production team.

But don’t worry, says the left and squish elitist “conservative” scum, the NSA would never spy on an American without a warrant from the FISA court! They said so themselves! 

But who is one of the advisors to the FISA court as appointed by the court itself? Who is helping the judge analyze evidence and make a decision on issuing spying warrants? Why none other than Mary McCord. 


Let’s go back in time to the FBI spying on the Trump Campaign. If you recall, they also insisted they did not do so illegally because they had a warrant. Who was the supervisor of this project? That’s right! It was Mary McCord. 

In fact, Mary McCord was one of the officials who reviewed and approved the FISA warrant application despite expressing concern that the application did not accurately depict the credibility of the Steele Dossier. She thought the source of his funding should be disclosed (considering he was hired by the rival candidate- um, yeah, I think that was relevant) and yet she signed off anyway. Her name appears 25 times in the IG report detailing the FBI misconduct which proved at least 17 omissions and lies in the evidence presented to the FISA courts to obtain warrants. 

And now Mary McCord is one of only eight people who is considered trustworthy enough to help decide whether or not the NSA or FBI or any other Fed strong-arm can spy on conservative political pundits. Or for that matter whether or not they can spy on you or me.

Gee I wonder if she – appointed in April – gave any advice to the Court on the (probably) Carlson related warrant?

It’s also worth noting that another Justice official, David Kris, is also one of the eight advisors. Kris called House Republicans for claiming that the FBI had falsified evidence to obtain the FISA warrants against President Trump. While not as directly involved, it’s not exactly a vote of confidence that the FISA Courts are relying on the advice of this man as well as a known conspirator in one of the most important lies told by the intelligence community in fifty years.

It’s almost as if the court and the federal agencies work together on these setups? But no…how could that be?