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BREAKING: Will This Activist Judge Punish Those Who Challenged The 2020 Election Results?



One of our fundamental rights as a free nation is to openly and freely question the integrity of our elections and our elected bodies. It is only in tyrannical socialist and communist regimes where the ability to challenge an election outcome is prohibited. 

All of the leftist rhetoric that the Sydney Powell led effort to challenge election results is an effort at “insurrection” is truly in and of itself the insurrection of American liberty. Of course we as American citizens have the right to question, both legally and with our voices, the outcome of our elections. Being wrong isn’t a crime and believing you are right even when the court rules against you still is not a crime. 

And yet the leftists running Michigan into the ground have now taken the Powell legal team to court seeking sanctions against the lead lawyers for even bringing forward the Michigan election lawsuit. In a nation where the left does everything it can to protect trial lawyers and is constantly adopting new laws and new policies which make burden of proof easier on the plaintiff and harder on the defendant I have a really hard time with the claim that the election lawsuits were “frivolous.”

And yet, the fate of Powell and her legal team rests in the hands of Judge Linda Parker. Parker is the same judge who threw out the election fraud suit in Michigan in the first place. Appointed by President Obama in 2013 after only five years on the bench, Parker was formerly an attorney for the Environmental Protection Agency (the agency which serves as a primary money maker to environmental lawyers serving frivolous cases, the irony). 

When Parker was confirmed to her bench by the senate, she received 37 dissenting votes. Instead of appreciating ideological differences with those 37 republican senators, Parker accused them of racism. I’m sure 37 U.S. Senators in the year 2013 are just flaming racists and not concerned about Parker’s experience and biases which may cloud her judicial reasoning in their opinion. 

Parker’s ruling will come at a later date but as for now it seems like the Powell legal team could face a financial penalty for the crime of questioning their government. This is what America has come to.