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The 10 GREATEST Moments of UFC 264



  1. President Donald Trump arriving to enjoy the match 

He looks so good!

  1. The part where fighters Connor McGreggor and Dustin Poirier almost kissed to kick things off

Why tho

  1. President Trump being greeted by uproarious cheers and “USA” chants from the crowd (click for video) 

Everyone is so happy!

  1. Midway through the single round of the McGregor/Poirier fight when McGregor landed the combination punch which was countered by a stunning hook from Poirier


  1. When Mel Gibson saluted President Trump as he passed by

Let freedom ring, Mel. Let freedom ring. 

  1. When McGregor McGregor almost had Poirier in a tap-out situation due to a surprise guillotine hold but Porier managed a narrow escape and countered with some explosive elbow blows

Who knew they could use elbows? 

  1. Sweet young TikTok celebrity, Addison Rae, coming to greet President Trump and express her honor in being seated near him 

It takes a lot of confidence to tap the shoulder of a former President and current billionaire. Kudos to Addison.

  1. Connor McGregor for sure breaking his ankle resulting in a win by TKO for Dustin Poirier

Not how anyone wants to see these things go but man did that look bad.

  1. President Trump enjoying himself right up front by the match 

He’s having a great time!

  1. President Trump and his pal looking tougher than the fighters themselves 

It’s good to see you back at it, 45!

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