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BREAKING: Former White House Press Secretary Absolutely Destroys Fake News Biden Apologist In One BRUTAL Statement



President Biden’s response to growing tensions in Afghanistan has been criticized by intelligence officials, by former President Trump, and by politicians on both sides.

But the fake news remains firmly in Biden’s corner.

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had something to say about that nonsense.

The current co-host of Outnumbered on Fox News blasted MSNBC host Nicole Wallace who praised Biden’s lackluster address on Monday, saying that 95% of Americans agree with “everything” Biden is doing in Afghanistan.

Kayleigh absolutely destroyed her, saying “That is a remarkable statement.” this decision envelops what the Biden doctrine is. OK, so that doctrine is this; leave our allies behind, the interpreters who partnered with us, seize this country. Give it over to terrorists, who declared the new Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, leave ten thousand Americans stranded. That’s the Biden doctrine? Surrender? And this is what Nicolle Wallace went on to say. ed Biden in a simple, brutal criticism of Biden’s lackluster speech on Monday afternoon.

Watch the smackdown here.

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