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BREAKING: Did MSNBC Just Defend The Taliban?



Due to the breathtaking incompetence of the Biden administration, Afghanistan has been left in chaos with at least 1,500 Americans and thousands of allied Afghan forces and interpreters left behind and at risk of being killed by the Taliban who now controls the nation. 

Last night, a suicide bomber attacked the crowds outside of the Kabul airport trying to escape. 12 American service men and 60 Afghan citizens were killed. For perspective, 12 American deaths is about how many have died each YEAR since 2016 in Afghanistan. Joe Biden’s failed withdrawal resulted in the same amount of death in a few days as was normally suffered in an entire year under President Trump’s orders.  

In response to this tragedy and the inevitable tragedies to come, Chris Hayes (who I am not unconvinced is actually just Rachel Maddow in light costume) felt the need to offer his compassion by saying: 

“Again, probably A THOUSAND people are going to die today from Covid.” 

So basically Chris Hayes thinks that people being murdered by terrorists doesn’t matter because – essentially – “People die all the time.” 

Not only is his position disgustingly flip, but he seems to not understand that his argument actually belittles COVID-19 deaths quite a bit because if we wander down the nihilistic path of how many people die per day it’s 163,000 and about 6,000 an hour and 1 in 4 of those are of heart disease not to mention the 3,700 from car crashes. A lot of things will kill us in higher numbers than COVID-19. 

None of those statistics makes being murdered by a terrorist’s explosive device any less particularly horrifying and devastatingly avoidable. 

Joe Biden is responsible for these deaths and those that will come. He is an unmitigated failure and the situation in Afghanistan could not be much worse unless Jimmy Carter himself was in charge. 

So Chris Hayes can take his callus hot take and swallow it back in with his thoughts and prayers unoffered.

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