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BuzzFeed Is Mad Meta Doesn’t Squash Speech Fast Enough



You have probably heard that Mark Zuckerberg is rebranding Facebook as Meta and creating a “Metaverse” where people can do virtual reality meet-ups and avoid real life and work and human compassion etc. The value of the “metaverse” remains questionable at best but in the meantime, apparently Buzzfeed is unsatisfied with their thought police algorithms. 

In an excruciatingly long “hard hitting” expose, Buzzfeed reveals that Faceboo…I mean Meta won’t be censoring people nearly as much as Buzzfeed wants. To play their gotcha game, Buzzfeed set up a fake user world that featured all of the most vile and dangerous and hateful things they could think of like support of Donald Trump and the phrase “scamdemic.” SCARY!

Somehow Meta’s algorithm didn’t catch these absolutely terrifying counter-cultural words which could cause so much damage to the group think machine of progressivism. What Buzzfeed needs Meta and all of us to understand is: words that don’t fall in-line with the mainstream or people in power are words that shouldn’t be allowed to be seen. For safety. 

But Meta is taking it even farther. When the hard hitting journos reported their own fake world to Meta for user violations, Meta rejected them saying that the fake world didn’t violate their terms of use. What? BUT WHAT ABOUT MISINFORMATION??????

Luckily for all of us because we all almost had to see words we didn’t like, Meta did go ahead and implement their traditional thought police standards and took down the offending and also totally fake world. So now we can be comfy cozy that Meta will be the idiotic liberal cacoon of self-righteous jerking off that we all expected. 

Thank you Buzzfeed! So brave!