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BREAKING: Jack Dorsey Leaving Twitter



 Our favorite Rasputin look-a-like and king of big tech, Jack Dorsey, is expected to announce his departure from the helm of Twitter later today. 

Reportedly Twitter already has a replacement for Dorsey who I assume ironically will be much like the replacement for Rasputin and his friends (re: Vladimir Lenin and the Bolsheviks). 

The departure of Dorsey comes after a long year of Congressional hearings and stock volatility where Democrats have put increasing pressure on the company (as well as the other giants like Facebook and Google) to censor conservatives even further than they already have. Dorsey took a lot of heat from the left as well as his board for simply deplatforming the sitting President of the United States and a bunch of his supporters instead of 100% of his supporters. 

The reasons for Dorsey’s departure remain unknown but conservative Twitter users should not be quick to celebrate his fall. It is almost certain that his replacement will ramp up censorship and make the internet an even more difficult place for dissenting voices to be seen and heard. 

Meanwhile here is an approximate timeline showing Twitter’s impact on Jack Dorsey (would you believe he was once ranked one of the “best dressed” CEOs? Its been a long ride.):