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YIKES! U.S. On Track To Reach 2 Million Border Apprehensions In 2022



This week it was revealed that arrests and expulsions by US officials at the Mexican border have SKYROCKETED in 2022.

In just six months, our nation has been overwhelmed by illegal migrants and has apprehended over ONE MILLION at the border – and those are just the ones we can track.

This is BAD news for Biden.

Such bad news, that some members of Biden’s inner circle have been discussing delaying the repeal of Title 42 border restrictions cause this is all making him look so bad.

He would be smart to consider the move considering the (un)popularity of his open borders policies and the dangers that have come from it.

Since Biden took office, he’s continuously broken records for the number of illegal border crossings and fentanyl flowing into the country has quadrupled to 11,200 lbs since Biden took office. 

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