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BREAKING: Is Newsmax Beefing With D’Souza? 



Likely allies conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza and conservative cable news outlet, Newsmax apparently have some beef. According to D’Souza, he was scheduled to appear on Grant Stinchfield’s show on Newsmax to promote/discuss his controversial film, 2000 Mules, but his appearance was canceled. 

The film is about the possibility of the 2020 election being illegally decided per illegal votes and rigged machinery. Though many disagree with the premise of the film (and many do not), it does exist squarely in the realm of free speech as it is both art and political. But that hasn’t stopped it from being summarily banned from all discussion since its release which begs the question: what is everyone so afraid of if the film is such nonsense? 

As of publishing this article, Newsmax has not weighed in on why D’Souza’s appearance was canceled but we at Free Press Fail never like to see community members fighting. Its likely that the folks at Newsmax and Fox News etc are being threatened by regulators and advertisers to keep silent about the film. Remember – according to the left – information is dangerous if it might be untrue or might not fit the Party narrative. People can’t decide what’s true for themselves when viewing an independent film or seeing a tweet or cable news story. We must be protected from words.