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BREAKING: Is Someone Finally Putting The Vicious Hens At The View In Their Place? 



Turning Point USA has issued a cease and desist letter to ABC over daytime harpy talkshow The View cast making false allegations that the organization is associated with neo-nazis. 

On July 25, 2022 the world’s favorite purveyor of blackface, Joy Behar, scratched her nails on a chalkboard for several minutes spoke about the Turning Point USA recent Student Action Summit event in Florida where she erroneously and maliciously claimed that the organization hosted neo-Nazis and were making racial slurs against jewish persons. In truth, the event was actually protested by neo-Nazis and Turning Point USA has repeatedly condemned white supremacy including the specific neo-Nazis who were protesting outside their event – totally unwanted and uninvited as most protestors are. 

The lawyers at ABC knew they were in trouble immediately and made the hosts read a legal disclaimer correcting the record but then the world’s favorite denier of the jewish race, Whoopi Goldberg, went on to disregard and debate the legal disclaimer by incorrectly stating that Turning Point USA “let them [the nazis] in” to the event implying they welcome the ideology of white supremacy which the group has condemened repeatedly. 

Turning Point USA is not going to take the harassment and illegal bullying of ABC’s squad of bitter elderly women (including Alyssa Farah soon) anymore. Their lawyers have issued a cease and desist and plan to hold the network, ABC, accountable for slander. Not only did the neighborhood’s least favorite book club gossips defame Turning Point USA but they also slandered the good name of thousands of young students who attended the event. 

Turning Point USA has demanded a retraction, an apology and a commitment to no further slanderous commentary about the organization (who The View has repeatedly targeted over the years) or they are prepared to pursue all legal avenues for remedy. 

Recently Nicholas Sandmann successfully held leftist media outlets accountable for malicious slanderous activity, settling with a major network for millions of dollars for false accusations of white supremacy. Kyle Rittenhouse is gearing up to take similar actions against media giants for making the same types of casually slanderous commentary with nothing but biased opinions and intent to discredit to prop up their allegations. The new conservatives are younger, have more energy and are ready to stand up. The leftist media better be on watch for every legal remedy to their lies to be exercised by the generation with the most lawyers in history (probably).