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BREAKING: Is The Government Finally Admitting Aliens Are Real?



Next week the House Intelligence Committee is going to have Pentagon officials in for a hearing on the existence and persistence of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs – though the official term is now Unexplained Aerial Sightings or UAS). 

Does this mean the Pentagon is going to reveal they have made contact with extraterrestrial beings? Probably not considering the government won’t even admit when they have opened gates to let rioters into the Capitol on January 6. 

The old “oh look its aliens” tactic is as old as UFOs themselves. The government routinely rolls out the alien and UFO parade when it’s looking to distract Americans from issues that aren’t necessarily going the way they’d hoped. In fact in 2021 when some Americans accused the government of using aliens as a distraction they were called “Qanon conspiracy theorists” by major media. But a major UFO report was released right before the Taliban took over major parts of Afghanistan which might have made their takeover of Kabul less of a surprise to the American people. Somehow the people who do not believe in alien contact have been turned into conspiracy theorists instead of the reverse simply for believing the government would obviously like to distract us from problems. What an outlandish theory. 

This alien hearing is oddly timed considering how concerned the democrats claim to be about the likely Supreme Court decision regarding the sovereignty of the people’s will in regard to the treatment of human life. If abortion was popular, and this issue was a winning one for democrats, Nancy Pelosi would make sure every single moment of committee spare time was used on hearings regarding abortions, planned parenthood, single mothers and other like issues. 

This move to allow a splashy UFO hearing to take place in the middle of their big abortion scandal proves that more Americans support the people’s right to vote on how human life is defined and treated than do not. It shows that pro-life voters are motivated and loyal and win the abortion issue at the polls – just like they did in 2016. 

Further it makes me wonder: what else might be going on at the Pentagon that Joe Biden doesn’t want us to notice? Could it be that China has nuclear powered war vehicles? Could it be that the U.S. Chinese relationship is deteriorating because of Taiwan but still not because of their genocide? Could it be that North Korea recently launched a missile clearly testing its nuclear capabilities? Maybe it’s that the Taliban is predictably causing a major humanitarian and military crisis in Afghanistan? Who knows which one Joe Biden doesn’t want us to see or if there’s even more fresh failure out of his Pentagon. 

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