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INSURRECTION! The Left Occupies Kavanaugh’s Home In Act Of Domestic Terrorism  



The unhinged left is losing their minds over the leaked draft ruling of the Supreme Court to restore rights to the people and their elected officials regarding the termination of fetal life. 

Coming off their voracious cries of “insurrection” following the January 6 riots, the left doesn’t seem to realize that the Supreme Court is actually an equal branch of government to Congress and the presidency. So an attempt to overthrow or undermine SCOTUS would, per their definition and screams, be considered also an insurrection. 

Like the Jan 6 group, no one in these protests is carrying weapons but I assume the justices’ homes contain fire extinguishers and the umbrellas they’re carrying COULD do harm. So they are as likely to attempt to overthrow the government as the group at the Capitol on Jan 6. 

This concept seems to elude the rabid mob who have shown up to occupy the personal homes of Supreme Court justices now justifying their actions, not because of the issue they’re protesting (abortion) but because Christine Blasely Ford apparently also had death threats. Nothing says “death threats are bad” like more death threats. 

In an attempt to intimidate, undermine, and potentially even harm (chanters shouted “your life is a lie!”) Justices of the Supreme Court these insurrectionists have lined up outside of Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home and Justice John Robert’s home (which is funny because he probably will vote with them). 

Joe Biden didn’t stop them from attempting to overturn the authority of his equal branch of government so is he not all complicit in this insurrection? In fact, when asked about the issue, Jen Psaki encouraged protestors to continue but asked them not to get violent even though she is aware that the crowd is angry and could resort to violence. Isn’t that the standard that was applied on January 6? Joe Biden must ask them to leave or he is complicit? 

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