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BREAKING: Can we SUE THE FBI? These Olympians Are Finding Out 



Simone Biles along with her Olympic teammates, Aly Raisman and Maggie Nichols and almost 100 other victims are suing the FBI for $1 billion in damages for gross dereliction of duties which enabled a child predator to continue to sexually abuse young girls for years after being reported to their agency.

The action comes in the wake of President Biden’s Department of Justice decision to not prosecute the members of the FBI who were discovered by the FBI Inspector General (the nonpartisan oversight watchdog) Michael Horowitz to have lied in order to cover-up their mishandling of the now proven allegations made about Larry Nassar in 2015. He also found that at least one of the agents in charge of the investigation (which did not occur) was soliciting a job with the U.S.A. Gymnastics (who covered up the Nassar abuse) during the time of the investigation. The last part is a little more than “mishandling” if you ask me.

The leftist media is already on patrol trying to protect the poor poor FBI from bad PR by saying this isn’t actually a lawsuit but an administrative action. This is correct technically but the nature of the action looks a lot like a lawsuit. An individual files a claim as all 90 women have done and if the agency denies the claim (duh) then they can file a civil lawsuit on the claim. So like in every single other case of lawsuit, the party will have a chance to simply pay the claim or settle. But the leftist media has to make sure we know it’s TECHNICALLY not suing (yet) the FBI lest we all get a wild hair to hold them accountable for their many crimes and atrocities committed over the past 10 years or more.

This action comes after the families of the victims of the Parkland school shooting in Florida sued the FBI in the same way for failing to act on credible claims submitted to them regarding the shooter who ultimately murdered 17 people. Those families walked away with $150 million in the final settlement. The Olympians are likely to walk away with a lot more considering the sheer volume of the victims allegedly damaged directly by the incompetence or corruption of the FBI. 

Other Americans are getting fed up with the FBI’s habit of mishandling enforcement of the law with absolutely no punishment. Angelina Jolie is rumored to be currently suing the FBI over their handling of an incident between ex-husband Brad Pitt and their 15-year old son, Maddox on a plane in 2016. While Jolie submitted the paperwork under a Jane Doe, the events detailed in the paperwork match the incident and timeline. The Jane Doe who is likely Jolie is demanding access to the full investigation which cleared her ex-husband of wrong-doing. Considering Maddox testified against Pitt during custody hearings, it seems a little odd that the FBI found no evidence of wrongdoing. Jolie was present for the Olympic Gymnasts testimony on Capitol Hill regarding the FBI’s conduct and has been a vocal supporter of FBI reform and justice for these women and others. 

Hopefully justice is served for the 100 women who were sexually assaulted as young girls by the one of the most prolific sexual criminals in American history “allegedly” thanks to the FBI’s “alleged” total lack of respect for the law, American people or ethics. 

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