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BREAKING: Plots to kill Justice Kavanaugh and burn down the Supreme Court uncovered 



Ironically the same week as the ridiculous political circus called the January 6 Committee is releasing their report (on prime time….but not because this is 100% for propaganda) law enforcement has arrested an armed man attempting to enter Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home. Sources say his stated goal was to kill Brett Kavanaugh. 

Since the illegal attempt to undermine American democracy by revealing a draft Supreme Court decision regarding abortion before it was finalized and signed, there has been an active traceable effort to commit insurrection by menacing and even murdering conservative justices as well as storming the Supreme Court. 

According to a bulletin from the National Capital Threat Intelligence Consortium (A DC based Homeland Security agency), the credible threats to the Supreme Court include organizing to storm the building, burn it down and kill those inside. They are investigating the threats as they are made aware. 

I wonder if these individuals will be called insurrectionists and accused of terrorism and treason considering their conspiracy to commit violent crime to undermine the American government. I wonder if lawmakers like Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who literally called people to arms regarding the decision will be held accountable the same way the January 6 Committee thinks that elected officials should be held accountable for simply doubting the election’s viability. I will not hold my breath. 

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