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Do You Know Why Nobody Likes Liz Cheney???



Liz Cheney is to the January 6 Committee what Cha Cha DiGregorio was to T-Birds of Grease. She is a plot tool disliked by all except herself outside of when she is being used. 

Cheney won her seat in Wyoming riding the coattails of her famous father who was Vice President to George W. Bush. A legacy politician who earned nothing on her own, the wealthy politico actually held several official positions during the Bush administration which were given to her through acts of nepotism. Cheney was born in Wisconsin. Schooled in Washington, DC. And attended college in Chicago. The only reason she is a member of Congress is because her father held the same seat in which she sits. She was also elected on the exact same red wave of sentiment which elected President Trump. There was no individual popularity associated with her victories. 

Today, Cheney is one of only two republicans appointed to the extremely politically motivated January 6 Committee. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi were all too happy to put her in a low cut top and a colorful scarf (Cha Cha reference) and parade her out to start the races. Cheney has been vocal in her criticism of President Trump for daring to question the outcome of an election (in America where we have the freedom to question our government no less!) tying those concerns and his completely legal campaign to investigate results to the illegal actions of those present at the January 6 Capitol break-in/riot. In her gobsmackingly arrogant opening remarks for the committee, here is what Cheney had to say to millions of Americans and her elected colleagues in Congress: 

“Tonight, I say this to my Republican colleagues who are defending the indefensible: There will come a day when Donald Trump is gone, but your dishonor will remain,” 

Needless to say, she does not have a self-esteem problem despite everyone hating her. That’s right, everyone hates Liz Cheney. Right now she rests on a false sense of justice as democrat special interest groups from all over the country pour money into her primary campaign against Harriet Hageman. But what Cheney is too self-righteous or perhaps stupid to understand is that these groups want her to win because they know they can beat her in a general. 

That’s right, Liz Cheney is so hated in the state of Wyoming that I believe if she were to win her primary thanks to democrats switching parties and outside money, she would ultimately lose because the people of Wyoming would – rightly – refuse to vote for her. The democrats know this. 

So no they don’t like Liz Cheney. They like that a “republican” can be used as a tool to disparage “her own party” and be ultimately taken down as an example of big bad Trump’s hold over voters. The reality is that Trump or no Trump, Cheney has presented herself like the self-serving holier-than-thou narcissist she is with no real interest in the best policies for Wyoming. 

It looks like Liz is definitely going to lose the primary considering how deeply she is trailing in the polls. It’s no surprise because literally no one likes Liz Cheney.

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