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BREAKING: Liz Cheney Isn’t Brave At All And Here’s Why



Today there is a chorus of liberals and TDS victims lauding Liz Cheney as a brave civic hero as she faces being ousted from her seat in Congress. They think because Cheney went against the wishes of her constituency, she is extremely credible and brave. She even received a John F. Kennedy “Profile in Courage” Award from the JFK library. But here is the reality: Liz Cheney isn’t brave at all. 

In the United States, we have the fairest and most equitable form of government in the world which is a representative Government with three branches and two chambers in the legislative branch. Members of the House of REPRESENTATIVES are supposed to be the closest representatives of their constituency with Senators being the next closest then President then Justices. For this reason, the House of Representatives is affectionately referred to as the “People’s House.” 

As a member of the House of Representatives elected by the people of Wyoming’s only Congressional district, Congresswoman Cheney agreed to represent their interests. When she swore an oath to the Constitution – that oath was her swearing to represent those people per the creation of the role in that founding document not swearing to interpret its rules and apply them by her own wishes and conscience. She chose in her tenure to instead follow her own heart and her own ideas, not only willfully ignoring the people who elected her, but often actively deriding them. She intentionally made an enemy of the people she swore to represent and who the constitution compelled her to represent. Like when she called those who disagreed with her interpretation of President Trump’s involvement in the events of January 6 “dishonorable” though many of the people who tasked her with their representation are among those who disagree.

If Liz Cheney was brave, she’d have resigned or retired. She’d have voted her conscience proudly, maybe even served on the Jan 6 committee because she believed so deeply in the cause, but recognized that she was not representing the people of Wyoming who had elected her and left office out of respect for them and herself. What would have been truly brave, what I might have been able to respect, would be if she had been willing to loosen her grip on power in the name of her own ethical code. But instead she wanted to arrogantly run over the will of the people of Wyoming while maintaining the power which is not even to mention the dynasty nature of her family and how that power was obtained in the first place. She even called her dad to make a video about her political enemy, Donald Trump, leaning on his former power to try and sway voters (a miscalculation considering how unpopular Bush era policies now are in the rear view mirror of his administration). 

Today when the people of Wyoming make their constitutionally granted decision on who should represent their best interests, they will be acting in total fairness and transparency. There is nothing bad-spirited or unethical about the people of Wyoming wanting a representative who actually votes in a way that reflects their core beliefs. Donald Trump won 70% of the vote in Wyoming in 2020. The validity of his Presidency was a core belief of the people Cheney represented and she knew that when she voted to impeach him for ignoring Congress and making a single phone call that he voluntarily made public. She knew their feelings when she joined the political witch hunt known as the January 6 committee. And if she felt so strongly, fine. But then she could have bravely stepped aside. Instead, she clings to arrogance and power like they are her only identity. 

When she embarrasses herself by running for President, I imagine those sycophants cheering her today will not be there to support her bid.