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FACT CHECK? Is Liz Cheney Abraham Lincoln?



At her concession speech following her primary loss in Wyoming, Liz Cheney compared herself to Abraham Lincoln and indicated she was planning to run for president. Many scoffed at the comparison. But it’s time to check the hard facts: Is Liz Cheney Abraham Lincoln?

No one in the game is brave enough to fact-check the hard-hitting questions like I do. Last go round I answered the tough question: Is Peter Doocy a ‘stupid son of b****’ per Biden? 

Today I will bravely tackle this important question: Is Liz Cheney Abraham Lincoln? 

Let’s examine the facts:

Personal life and Education

  • Abraham Lincoln was born to working-class farmers. Liz Cheney was born to a politically powerful family with Ivy League educations. Their vastly different family situation disproves that Cheney is Lincoln.
  • Abraham Lincoln was noted by his family as being lazy and not liking physical labor. Cheney never worked a job outside of politics and never got a job she didn’t get from her father. The laziness corroborates that Liz Cheney is Lincoln.
  • Abraham Lincoln was self-educated and self-made. Cheney was given every educational privilege from primary school onward. The educational privilege disproves that Cheney is Lincoln
  • Lincoln worked as a small business owner running a bar/smith shop in his early political career. Cheney has never worked in business. The lack of business savvy disproves that Cheney is Lincoln. 
  • Lincoln served in a militia who fought against Black Hawks in territorial wars. Cheney does not support the right for Americans to be armed. The use of the second amendment disproves that Cheney is Lincoln. 
  • Lincoln married a woman named Mary and Cheney has a sister named Mary. Closeness to people named Mary corroborates that Cheney is Lincoln.

Campaigns and Politics 

  • Abraham Lincoln ran for office in a state where he had lived and worked his entire life. Liz Cheney ran for office in Wyoming where she had barely lived and only as a child. The carpet baggery of Cheney disproves that she is Lincoln.
  • Abraham Lincoln successfully ran for local office and state-level office while still working in the private sector before attempting to advance to constitutional office. Cheney’s first campaign was the United States Senate (unsuccessful). Cheney’s entitlement to constitutional office without growing through the ranks disproves that she is Lincoln.
  • Abraham Lincoln lost his first bid for constitutional office. Cheney and Lincoln both lost federal races which corroborates that Cheney is Lincoln.
  • Lincoln won on his second try for constitutional office as did Cheney. The second try victory corroborates that Cheney is Lincoln.
  • Abraham Lincoln promised to only serve one-term in office out of fairness to the people and the divide in his party. A promise he kept voluntarily. Cheney clung to her seat despite her wild unpopularity with claws deep in her seat refusing to step down. Lincoln’s self-imposed term limit versus Cheney’s lust for power disproves that Cheney is Lincoln.
  • Democrats absolutely hated Lincoln. Democrats love Cheney and thousands voted for her and they keep calling her brave. Disparate support from democrats disprove that Cheney is Lincoln. 


  • Lincoln rose to political prominence fighting to end slavery which is considered one of humanities and America’s greatest atrocities. Cheney’s campaign platform was essentially nothing she ran on her fathers name and the Trump redwave. Lincoln’s ferocious defense of human dignity and liberty versus Cheney’s nothing disproves she is Lincoln.
  • Lincoln’s worked closely with Congress as President ensuring the ratification of the emancipation proclamation and the Constitutional amendment which freed slavery. Cheney’s greatest policy achievement was a Congressional Review Act procedure blocking a Bureau of Land Management permitting policy change. Big stuff. Cheney’s total lack of policy discipline or success versus Lincoln altering the constitution disproves that Cheney is Lincoln. 
  • Lincoln was a brilliant orator. Cheney likes to talk also. Both Cheney and Lincoln talked a lot which corroborates that Cheney is Lincoln. 
  • Lincoln opposed foreign wars (ironically). Cheney loves foreign war, it’s her favorite thing. The differences in foreign war policy disproves that Cheney is Lincoln. 
  • Lincoln was partly responsible for the Civil War. Cheney would love to be responsible for a Civil War. Lincoln and Cheney’s division of people corroborates that she is Lincoln. 
  • Lincoln never looked down on anyone as corroborated by Frederick Douglass. Cheney looks down on everyone calling them “dishonorable” and even opposed her own sister’s homosexuality. Cheney’s judgemental nature and Lincoln’s respect for opposing values disproves that Cheney is Lincoln. 


Cheney and Lincoln only share very few similarities, primarily that they lost their first federal elections, won the second, were divisive and liked to talk a lot. The same could be said for Donald Trump or basically any other politician. 

Fact Check is Liz Cheney Abraham Lincoln: No she is not. 

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