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BREAKING: Did Mexico Just Sacrifice Civilians For Joe Biden? 



Ovidio “El Raton” Guzmán-López who is the son of El Chapo, the famed leader of the lethal Sinaloa Mexican cartel, has been captured by authorities. The Mexican government apprehended Guzman at an airport in a fiery and terrifying shootout which claimed 29 lives and risked the lives of civilian passengers caught in the crossfire. 

Footage taken by David Tellez shows the passengers of Aeromexico 165 headed from Culiacan to Mexico City crouching for their lives in terror as the plane is struck by bullets. 

The innocent people of the region were forced to take shelter as their city became a proverbial warzone and their government risked their lives and livelihoods under the pressure of the United States. The timing and lack of planning around the arrest which resulted in such loss of life and destruction is poignant as Joe Biden is planning a visit to the area next week. 

The Mexican government is no doubt complicit in the cartel takeover of their country and while they have captured one son of El Chapo, they left at large the other son who is a known leader of the Sinaloa cartel producing 5,000 pounds of meth per month almost all of which comes into America through our insecure borders. Interesting that Joe Biden would pressure them to make this arrest, callously careless about the civilians caught in the war, simply because he was planning a visit and not in order to save the lives of the thousands of Americans dying and suffering from their drugs pouring over the border every day.

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