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BREAKING: Rep. Byron Donalds Absolutely Demolishes This Fake News Drama Queen



Did MSNBC just accidentally air an entertaining segment?

Republican Rep. Byron Donalds and Joy Reid had themselves a little showdown and it was absolutely fire TV.

They were talking about all the juicy stuff like the Speaker’s race, racism, and what the Republicans have planned for oversight. Joy brought up the removal of some Democratic representatives from the House Intelligence and Foreign Affairs committees, and asked Rep. Donalds if that was a good look for the Republican Party.

But ooh, Rep. Donalds was NOT HERE for that biased line of questioning.

He made it very clear that what the Democrats did was wrong, and that if they were going to change the rules like they’ve done since 2016, they should be ready to live by them. Of course, Joy Reid had to chime in and accuse the Republicans of doing it out of vengeance. But Rep. Donalds was not having it, he made it clear that was not the case.

Surprisingly, thing got really interesting when they started talking about Social Security. (That may be the first and last time that sentence is ever written.)

Rep. Donalds, being a finance professional (and not a total idiot), absolutely demolished Joy’s radical claims that somehow social security is totally in great shape. Both of them were talking over each other trying to get their point across, but in the end it’s clear who the winner was.

You can see for yourself, here:

Byron is a real champ.