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Does The Transmafia Want To Cancel Hogwarts Legacy Because They Hate Fun?



One of the biggest game releases of 2023 so far is Hogwarts Legacy which is dropping February 10 (there are some pre-order options as well). The game is expected to be one of the best releases of 2023 considering the slate of releases set for the year. 

The entire gaming community is collectively thrilled for the game to come out which means of course, progressives must try and ruin it because joy cannot be tolerated. 

The transmafia is trying to organize a boycott of the game because J.K. Rowling, the creator of Hogwarts through her work the Harry Potter franchise, has had the audacity to recognize the validity of womanhood and the importance of celebrating and protecting women and the word woman in workplaces, colleges and even in vocabulary. WHAT AN EXTREMIST!? 

The transmafia refers to women like Rowling as “TERFs” meaning Transexclusionary Radical Feminists. Meanwhile the transmafia does not seem to perceive that for some reason the trans movement is only interested in replacing women and no one is really making a push for transmen to, for example, compete in men’s sports. No one is screaming from the rooftops that products should be for “persons who ejaculate” or “persons with a prostate.” It only seems to be products made for women that need to be more “inclusive.” The totally patriarchal trans bullying is just another way for men to keep women down and women like J.K. Rowling are just pointing it out. 

But for the trans community it’s their way or the highway. What started out as a movement to let people live peacefully however they want to live is now a movement to change everything about society to cater to a very tiny group of people. We shouldn’t have common sense rules for bathrooms and sports and etc. because the feelings of 10 people might get a little hurt. The party of science folks! 

Of course, Hogwarts Legacy couldn’t have paid for better publicity. It was already going to be the top game of the quarter but now if a regular America gamer wasn’t planning to drop the $60 right away, they definitely will now just to shut up the voice of the transmafia which really is only popular with elitists and progressive sycophants.

Order Hogwarts Legacy here or on your preferred console store. 

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