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BREAKING: WTF Is Going On In This School?



THIS JUST IN: The Oklahoma City school district is absolutely out of control.

Turns out that they’ve been offering students in Oklahoma City pornographic books that encourage them to explore “kink” on the internet, watch porn, and use sex toys.

The situation is more than deeply concerning and must be addressed immediately.

Offering students books that encourage them to explore these adult ideas is not only inappropriate, but it also puts their safety and well-being at risk.

Young people are especially vulnerable, and it is the responsibility of educators to protect them from harmful and inappropriate material. These books, google searches, and misguided conversations have no place in our schools and should be removed immediately.

The education system should be a safe and nurturing environment for students, where they can learn and grow without being exposed to inappropriate material.

Parents must act – once again – to rectify this situation and ensure that their students are protected from harmful and inappropriate content.