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BREAKING: Why It’s ONE National Anthem, Not Two



So, the Super Bowl was a major event, as always, with all eyes on the field and the halftime show. But before the actual game started, the NFL made a bold move and decided to shake things up. They added a “black national anthem” to the pre-game line-up, right before the traditional “Star-Spangled Banner.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but this whole concept of a “black national anthem” rubs me the wrong way.

It’s 2023! Shouldn’t we be striving for unity and equality instead of separating ourselves by race and suggesting each race has its own anthem?

I get that the intention was to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement – cause apparently the “end racism” helmets and field paintings just weren’t enough – but let’s be real here, this just feels like a divisive step backward.

Instead of promoting racial harmony, it’s highlighting the differences between races and perpetuating the notion of “us vs. them.”

I think it’s time we move away from this kind of labeling and focus on bringing people together.

Let’s celebrate our shared values, our shared love for this great country, and our shared dislike of whatever tf Joe Biden is saying at any given time.

After all, we are all Americans!

There should only be one anthem for all of us.

So, NFL, let’s stick to the OG theme from now on. We don’t need two anthems to show our support for different communities. We just need one anthem that represents us all.