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ALERT: Your Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Conservative Valentine



Valentine’s Day is almost here and there are only a few precious days left to get your red pilled paramour something that says “I love that you love freedom” no matter what stage of your relationship you might be in. From gift ideas to fun plans, you don’t need lots of time to organize something that’ll make them say: USA! USA! USA! 

Here are some ideas: 

  1. Chick-fil-a Breakfast surprise

On Valentine’s morning whether you live in the same home or not, arrange for a delicious chicken biscuit feast for your lover-boy or lover-lady. Chick-fil-a has long been a beacon of religious and political liberty plus they have best in class customer service and duh fried chicken and biscuits. Can’t go wrong. 

  1. Trip to the local shooting range 

Nothing says “I care about you” than the second amendment. Taking the time as a couple to learn to defend your home, your person and your liberty is what love is all about. Why make reservations for a stuffy dinner when you could make reservations for freedom? If your local place has gift cards or vouchers, you could present them to use at another time. 

  1. A book worthy of the shelf 

Booking is trendy again with homes across the country featuring beautiful shelves full of their favorites artistically arranged by color or flipped to be neutral or etc. One can read on a digital device, but some books are worthy to be gifted physically and displayed. There are several great Conservative books out worth bragging on such as The People’s Justice by Amul Thapar on the constitutional principles of Clarence Thomas. Or you could pre-order the highly anticipated Anti-communist Manifesto by Jesse Kelly. 

  1. Heart shaped steaks

Any food can be shaped romantically like a heart if you work at it (probably) but it means a lot more when it’s steak. Prepare your significant other a delicious heart shaped steak using this or another easily sourced online recipe to wow them and fill their belly with God’s gift to Americans: beef.  

  1. An American Flag 

If your loved one doesn’t yet have an American flag displayed on their home, they probably want one. There are lots of kits available that would arrive in time for Valentine’s Day. Get them their own patriotic symbol of American splendor and help them install it so forever in peace may it wave. Nothing says “You’re the light of my life” like demonstrative allegiance to your country. 

  1. Hogwarts Legacy 

If your partner likes gaming and hasn’t already gotten the hottest game on the market, Hogwarts Legacy makes the perfect gift to both bring fun and joy to your babe but also to annoy the transmafia by support J.K. Rowling who is dares to recognize the existence and value of biologically born women.

  1. Heart Shaped Pizza 

Honestly this is a hit with everyone don’t overthink it.