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BREAKING: WTF With All These UFOs?



Remember that Chinese spy balloon that flew undetected over the United States and its nuclear missile sites last week?

Well, now it seems like that was just the beginning.

Over the weekend, the public was bombarded with reports of “UFOs” being spotted and shot down over the United States and Canada, with very little information coming from the White House.

That has led to WILD speculation. Everything from FALSE FLAG MEDIA DISTRACTION to the prediction of a full-on alien invasion.

**Here’s a fun fact: the term “UFO” doesn’t actually mean aliens from another planet. It simply refers to any (U)unidentified (F)lying (O)bject in the sky, which could be anything from a human-made object to a natural phenomenon. **

But let’s be real, the rampant use of the term “UFO” is just a way for the media and Biden officials to drum up some excitement and distract from their failure to detect the Chinese spy balloon.

What’s even more concerning is the lack of information about each of the incidents.

And there are now A LOT of incidents!

On Friday, an object was shot down over Alaska.
On Saturday, A ‘cylindrical object’ shot down over the Yukon, and reports of a ‘radar anomaly’ over Montana.
On Sunday, while we all watched the Super Bowl, China shot down an object, an ‘octagon’ object was shot down over Lake Huron, and the FAA closed the airspace over Lake Michigan.

Here’s what we need to know: Did the “cylindrical object” over the Yukon turn out to be just another balloon? Or is General Glen VanHerck correct in saying that he hasn’t ruled out anything, including the possibility of extraterrestrials? Or my favorite theory, was it somehow a mysterious can of beer?

The American public deserves answers, and it’s the responsibility of the Biden administration to provide them.

Dropping terms like “UFO” and “cylindrical object” without explanation only causes confusion and chaos.