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ALERT: It’s Time For Joe Biden To STOP Ignoring Our Border Crisis



It’s time for a reality check: President Joe Biden has created a disaster on the southern border that has spiraled out of control.

And the consequences are dire.

As we speak, the Mexican drug cartels are seizing every opportunity to turn human smuggling into a multi-billion-dollar criminal enterprise.

And the worst part?

Our Border Patrol is outgunned and outmaneuvered.

The cartels are using increasingly sophisticated tactics, including drones to evade law enforcement and smuggle drugs and illegal aliens across the border. In the Rio Grande Valley alone, there have been over 10,000 drone flights by the cartels into Texas.

But it gets even more frustrating.

In recent testimony, the Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Gloria Chavez told the House Oversight Committee that the cartels have at least 17 times the number of drones, twice the amount of flight hours, and unlimited funding to grow their operations against us.

And what’s Joe’s solution?

Cutting funding for aerostats and surveillance balloons that provide crucial surveillance for the Border Patrol.

Unless Congress takes action, the funding for these tools will be exhausted this spring and the Border Patrol’s fleet will be grounded.

Thanks to President Biden’s decision to open the border, the Mexican drug cartels are raking in the cash and making complete fools out of America.

While every project under the sun gets billions from Biden, our Border Patrol remains underfunded.

Our wall is still NOT built.

The Border Patrol doesn’t have the resources to compete with the smuggling operation the cartels have developed and the situation is only going to get worse.

Funding is running out for civilian personnel hired to help process illegal aliens.

The truth of the matter is that President Biden’s commitment to open borders is fueling the growing power of the Mexican drug cartels and putting our nation’s security at risk.

It’s time for Congress to step up and take action before it’s too late.