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YIKES! CNN Guest Absolutely Loses It, Admits The OBVIOUS 



Looks like CNN has finally admitted what we’ve all known for a while now: they don’t give a damn about the Ohio disaster because the people affected happen to support Trump. Talk about journalistic integrity!

I mean, come on. Is it really that hard to separate politics from human tragedy? The people affected by the Ohio disaster are real, actual human beings, with families, jobs, and lives that have been completely upended. But apparently, that doesn’t matter to CNN as long as they can use it to further their political agenda.

It’s not like this is the first time the media has shown their true colors when it comes to Trump supporters. But it’s still incredibly disappointing to see supposed “journalists” so blatantly disregard the suffering of a community because of their political leanings.

So, to all the CNN dummies out there who are patting themselves on the back for their “brave” admission, I have a message: shame on you.