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BREAKING: Did Biden Just LAUGH In The Face Of This Grieving Mother?



On Wednesday, during a speech, President Joe Biden made comments that appeared to trivialize the deaths of two men who died of fentanyl overdoses. Biden used the opportunity to bash Republicans, specifically Marjorie Taylor Greene, for suggesting his open border policies were to blame.

Biden then went on to reference Michigan mother Rebecca Kiessling, who recently testified before the House Homeland Security Committee about the deaths of her two sons — Caleb, 20, and Kyler, 18 — due to fentanyl overdoses. In his speech, Biden emphasized that Kiessling’s sons died during Donald Trump’s presidency and then laughed, suggesting he was not responsible for their deaths.

Critics have pointed out that Biden’s laughter, in response to a fact that absolved him of direct responsibility, was inappropriate and disrespectful to the families of those who have lost loved ones to drug overdoses. While Biden may have been attempting to score political points against Republicans, his comments could be seen as callous and out of touch.

It’s worth noting that Kiessling’s testimony focused on the need for increased border security to prevent the influx of lethal narcotics into America. She wants Biden to build the wall.

Obviously, Biden is not going to listen to criticism but regardless of the political debate surrounding the issue, the tragic loss of life due to drug overdoses is a serious issue that deserves sensitivity and attention from our leaders. Our open border has continued to harm American families and that is just a fact.

Biden should be ashamed.