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BREAKING: Tucker Carlson Reveals The Truth About January 6th And You Won’t Want To Miss It



If you have EVER questioned the mainstream narrative about what happened on January 6th, 2021, you’ve probably been called all sorts of names. But now, the truth is coming out. And you probably deserve an apology.

Last night, Tucker Carlson released some REAL VIDEO truth bombs on his show that the mainstream media is too scared to touch. The footage sheds some much-need light on the events of the day and just about proves every single media narrative surrounding the event is – and always has been – a big fat lie. 

We’ve compiled the top 5 videos that Tucker revealed, and let me tell you, they are juicy.

First up, we have footage of the infamous QAnon Shaman, Jacob Chansley, being led through the Capitol by the police.

That’s right, the same guy who has been portrayed as a violent insurrectionist was actually being escorted the entire time he was in the building. Talk about a plot twist.

Here’s THIS footage that proves Ray Epps DEFINITELY lied to the J6 Committee about when he left the Capitol on that day. 

The J6 committee always knew this – and still pretended he was a credible witness.


Next, we have video evidence that completely exonerates Congressman Barry Loudermilk of allowing J6 rioters to do a “reconnaissance mission” the day before. 

Not only did Loudermilk not give the green light for this alleged mission, but the January 6 Committee knew this all along and lied about it. Shocking, right?

This never before seen footage allegedly shows Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick walking around the building way AFTER the time media outlets claimed he was killed by protesters.

Joe Biden has continued to perpetuate the LIE that this man was brutally murdered in the Capitol. 

And finally, we have a video that supposedly proves that Josh Hawley was actually running TOWARDS the chaos on January 6th, not away from it like the infamous clip shows. 

We should’ve known… Josh Hawley would never run AWAY from anything! 

There you have it, patriots. THE TRUTH.

But let’s be real, these videos do more than tell the story of January 6th. They prove the mainstream media will stop at nothing to push their leftist, anti-American agenda, even if it means twisting, misrepresenting, or absolutely BURRYING the truth.