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The Freedoms and Fails are here! What was the best conservative movie this year?



The second annual Conservative Critic Awards, the Freedoms and Fails are here! The Academy gave out their awards on Sunday but now The Conservative Critic will award the films and performances that were the most conservative and the most ridiculously liberal. 

Without further ado, the 2023 Conservative Critic Awards go to….

2023 Freedom Award for Performance in a Television Series: Emily Blunt, The English

Emily Blunt gave one of the best, if not the best, performances of her career in the Amazon Prime series, The English. Depicting an English woman coming to America to avenge her child, Blunt’s performance celebrates rugged individualism, justice, skilled gun ownership, agency and the value of human life. She deserved far more praise by the mainstream critical circuit. My full review of her performance and The English is here. 

2023 Fail Award for Performance in a Television Series: Jordan Gavaris, The Lake

It’s hard to buy into the authenticity of a character when they spend the entire time trying to make cute apologies for their very existence. Gavaris misses the mark on charmingly awkward and dives right into the exhausting liberal ally complex. It’s a tedious and shallow portrayal of what is likely a very interesting and emotionally rich real life person and story. See my full review here. 

2023 Freedom Award for Best Television Show: White Lotus Season 2

White Lotus Season 2 was even better than its preceding season at removing the mask of liberal self-righteousness and exposing it for what it really is (a selfish lie). The entire season seemed dedicated to rolling in rich liberal hypocrisy from the power of the elite LGBT community to the tokenization of LGBT friendship to the pretense of needing to be political and intellectual to savior complexes. It was really a conservative and working class dreamscape of mocking liberal nonsense. See my ranking of most based White Lotus characters here.

2023 Fail Award for Worst Television Show: The Lake 

The liberal coding around the adoption plot line is extremely racially charged and divisive. The main characters spend a lot of time hedging everything they say with woke PC garbage in an attempt to be humorously self-deprecating but it’s actually just annoying. Further, the show really lacks in depth and sincerity because of its fear of exploring the actual emotional anchors of a biological father spending the summer with the daughter he gave away. Check out the full review of the show here.

2023 Freedom Award for Performance in a Motion Picture: Tom Cruise, Top Gun: Maverick

Tom Cruise is the heart and soul of what was one of the best films of a decade and certainly the Best Picture of the Oscar roster of nominees. His Capt. Pete “Maverick” Mitchell is someone who believes in human ingenuity, excellence, and independence. He believes in serving his country but not in mindless orders or following the rules for the sake of following. Maverick is not only a conservative friendly hero, but he’s also so well crafted and preserved by Tom Cruise’s skills. See the full review of Top Gun: Maverick including why it missed out on the Conservative Critic top prize for the Freedom Award this year. 

2023 Fail Award for Performance in a Motion Picture: Sofia Carson, Purple Hearts

Sofia Carson is so laughably bad as the poorly written woke liberal popstar/diabetic dreamer, Cassie, that if not for interviews proving otherwise, one might think she was doing it on purpose. The breathy, self-righteous, embarrassingly self-promotional performance by Carson in one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen in my life is more than enough for this year’s Fail. Check out the full rundown on the woke garbage that is Purple Hearts and Carson’s performance here. 

2023 Fail Award for Worst Picture: Elvis

Elvis really liked to congratulate itself for making sure viewers knew that it knew that Elvis’s music and signature dancing is derived from black musicians and the early R&B movement as well as black dance halls. It really felt like the most important thing for audiences to know about Elvis was that he wasn’t a regular white, he was a good white. So on the nobel quest of historical accuracy, Elvis falls all over itself with congratulation and white savior complex. Not to mention it featured the worst performance of super-lib Tom Hanks’s entire career. See the full review of Elvis, here. 

2023 Freedom Award Best Picture: Vengeance 

Vengeance is a nuanced exploration of perception and how conspiracy theories and their believers shouldn’t be so easily dismissed. It’s self-aware and embarrasses the worst of liberal intellectual elitism while celebrating the best of education and culture. It films Texas beautifully and lets the stereotypes of rural American yokels fall free of their chains and present in both their worst and brightest forms. Fundamentally, Vengeance challenged its viewers to see their own made-up concepts of opposites as the real people they are which is what American discourse is supposed to be all about. Check out the full review here.

There you have it! Congratulations to the Freedom winners and better luck next time to the Fails.