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WTF!? Is The Red Cross Giving Directions On How To Enter The United States Illegally?



The American Red Cross is doing more than just bandaging scrapes and bruises – they’re also offering tips and tricks for illegal migrants on how to break into the United States.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The Daily Caller recently obtained maps and other information guides that provide instructions on how to safely and successfully cross the border without getting caught.

These maps, stamped with the International Committee of the Red Cross and American Red Cross logos, include lists of resources like hotels, clinics, and shelters where migrants can get support in Mexico and Central America.

As it that wasn’t enough, the maps also provide defined paths to cities along the U.S./Mexican border, with routes leading directly to El Paso, Texas; Nogales, Arizona; and McAllen, Texas.

An that’s not all! The Red Cross packet also includes a guide to “self care” for migrants, with tips on how to survive the desert and avoid diseases, as well as instructions on how to “safely jump on trains” and “obtain contraceptives” if they are raped!

It’s ironic that the Red Cross is using taxpayer dollars to facilitate the illegal entry of migrants into the United States, since the U.S. government directly funds Red Cross efforts to deal with illegal migrants within our country.

The Red Cross received $350 million from the Department of Homeland Security in February of this year alone.

The Red Cross claims to be helping migrants who have been captured illegally entering the United States and await processing for their court date, but by encouraging illegal entry into the country, they’re only making an already dangerous situation way worse. And let’s be honest, they are acknowledging how bad the situation can be by acknowledging the possibility of VIOLENCE AND RAPE.

There is no doubt: they are helping to subject migrants to a terrible fate.

According to Daily Caller reporter Jennie Taer, many migrants from countries beyond Central America travel through Panama’s Darien Gap, where Panamanian authorities say there have been 50 known migrant deaths in 2022. The Wall Street Journal also reported that between May and September of 2021, 180 rape cases were identified at the Darien Gap.

Despite this, the Red Cross offers their own solution for handling potential sexual assaults and rapes: advice on where to find contraceptives. “If you use contraceptives methods, don’t forget to bring them with you,” the self-care document states. “In necessary cases, some Red Cross’ clinics and medical brigades will give them to you for free.”

And if hopping onto a train is more your style, the Red Cross has got you covered with instructions on how to jump on a cargo train traveling north. “Traveling seated (on trains) is the most recommended. Be careful on your trip, there are branches, electric cables, tunnels that can hit you. Accommodate yourself where you have supporting points.”

When contacted by the Daily Caller, the International Committee of the Red Cross did not deny providing the maps and guides – in fact, they doubled down on their approach. “Every day around the world, people make the difficult decision to leave their homes and their counties in pursuit of a safer place to live and hope for a better future. Families migrate for different reasons, such as conflict, violence, natural disasters, or other reasons,” said a representative for the International Committee of the Red Cross.

“Our approach to migrants is strictly humanitarian. We provide information about ways to reduce risk and where to find lifesaving assistance in Mexico and Central America. It is essential to prevent the loss of lives and to promote a humanitarian approach. Addressing the needs of this vulnerable population is a shared responsibility of the authorities in the countries of origin, transit, and destination, and of the international community.”

But while the Red Cross may claim to be acting in a humanitarian manner, their actions are incredibly dangerous and the literal opposite of compassionate.