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BREAKING: Is Disney Going To Make It?



Disney announced internally on Monday that it would be laying off 7,000 employees in an effort to cut costs and mitigate the financial hardship of the company’s recent failures. According to memos leaked to the mainstream media, the first round of layoffs will be happening this week then subsequently in two additional phases.

The ever-embroiled Disney is on a difficult path to righting its ship after a years-long slide into bad politics, bad policies, bad filmmaking, and bad ideas. The company recently fired its fairly new CEO, Bob Chapek, after he botched the company’s 50-year friendship with the State of Florida, promoted terrible leadership, and spent his entire tenure losing money even in the segment which he used to manage (parks). Disney brought back their old CEO, Bob Iger, to clean up the mess, and cleaning up is exactly what he’s doing – even if it means layoffs. 

Though Iger is himself a liberal democrat who has long promoted progressive values under the Disney brand, Iger was always wise enough to keep the agenda beneath an opaque blanket and to ease ideas onto customers making sure never to cross lines that could isolate the core family clientele. His return to Disney is new but many are waiting to see if he can get the company back to the family values and excellence it was once known for. 

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