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BREAKING: Everything You Need To Know About Trump’s Arrest



On Thursday, the Manhattan District Attorney indicted our great President Donald J. Trump on charges related to so-called “hush money” payments that he made before the 2016 election. Despite being a political witch hunt from the start, Trump is ready to face these baseless charges and prove his innocence.

Here’s how it’s all going down: President Trump flew from his beloved Mar-a-Lago resort to Trump Tower in New York on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday morning, he showed his commitment to the rule of law by surrendering at the Manhattan courthouse, getting fingerprinted, and taking his mugshot. After that, he’ll fly back to Florida where he belongs.

In the evening, President Trump will address the nation at 8:15 PM EST from Mar-a-Lago, where he will undoubtedly reassure us that he’s innocent and that this is all just another politically motivated attack from the Democrats.

Our brave and patriotic New York Young Republicans Club will be joined by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to protest near the courthouse at Collect Pond Park in lower Manhattan. We support their right to peaceful protest and their commitment to standing up for the truth.

It’s not all bad news, though. The Trump campaign raised an impressive $5 million in the first 48 hours after the Thursday announcement of his arrest, proving that even in the face of injustice, Americans still support our great leader.

However, we must remain vigilant. Trump’s legal team believes the judge presiding over his case could be preparing to slap a gag order on him. This would be a clear violation of his First Amendment rights, and we stand with Harmeet Dhillon in saying that it would be a gross miscarriage of justice if it occurs.

It’s going to be a wild week, but we know that President Trump will come out on top. He’s a fighter, and he’s never backed down from a challenge. We support him all the way.