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BREAKING: The Legacy Of 3+ Years To Slow The Spread



Look who finally decided to admit the obvious: the COVID-19 national emergency is officially over.

But let’s not fool ourselves. It’s been over for quite some time now. The government has just been too scared to tell the truth.

The damage caused by the moronic, insane, and tyrannical policies of lockdowns, mandates, and passports will be felt for generations to come. These so-called measures did nothing but destroy lives, businesses, and the economy as a whole. And what did we get in return? Absolutely nothing.

It’s crystal clear that this was all a sham from the very beginning. By April 2020, it was obvious that the fear-mongering and panic-inducing tactics used by the media and politicians were nothing more than a power grab. And boy, did they succeed.

The largest transfer of wealth in human history from the people to the powerful has taken place right before our very eyes. And to top it all off, we now have a terrifying precedent for totalitarianism. This is not the America our founding fathers envisioned.

So, congratulations to the government for finally admitting what we’ve known all along. But don’t expect a pat on the back from us. We’re too busy picking up the pieces of our shattered lives and businesses.