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BREAKING: These Conservative Buzz Words Just Made The FBI Watch List



You won’t believe the latest outrageous behavior from the Biden regime’s FBI – they’re now classifying innocent conservative internet slang as “violent extremism”.

Yes, you heard that right – words commonly used by patriotic Americans are being flagged by the FBI and described as threats to society.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request from the Heritage Foundation, we now know that the FBI has been compiling glossaries of words associated with conservative postings online.

So what terms are they flagging?

Brace yourself, because it’s truly ridiculous.

According to the FBI glossary, words like “red pill”, “based”, and “Chad” are now being associated with violent extremism. Can you believe it?

“Red pill” is a metaphor that’s been used for years to describe the moment someone wakes up to the truth and rejects liberal lies. “Based” is just a pop culture term for something cool or anti-woke – hardly the kind of thing that should raise alarm bells at the FBI. And as for “Chad”, it’s just a term used to describe men who reject emasculating liberal standards.

This is just the latest example of the Biden regime using its power to target and demonize conservatives. Just like they’ve gone after Christian parents at school board meetings, now they’re going after everyday Americans for using harmless slang. It’s a blatant abuse of power, and we won’t stand for it.

Keep speaking your mind, patriots – don’t let the left silence you!