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Is the left being hypocritical about Morgan Wallen canceling a concert?



This weekend Morgan Wallen canceled a concert moments before showtime citing a lost voice. Fans were understandably quite peeved. 

But leftists who weren’t even at the show have also decided to weigh in saying Wallen fans are bad people and deserved what they got. Why? A few years ago Wallen was caught on camera using the “n-word.” It’s important for context that he used the “n-word” to describe a friend not as a hateful or hostile insult. Of course, it’s still wildly inappropriate and should never be used by anyone ever but the left would have you believe he said used it in a racist tirade which is absolutely not the case. Here is the video for you to decide yourself. 

He apologized and expressed his embarrassment but that’s never enough for the left. In a matter of weeks, Wallen had lost his record deal and his agent and was banned from the Country Music Awards despite being one of the most popular musicians in the country at the time. Popular artists (leftists) in his genre came out immediately against him (Karen Morris and Drag Queen Kelsie, no surprises there). Without a record label or an agent, Wallen started throwing surprise concerts/appearances partnering with friends like Kid Rock and other artists. Popular artists (leftists) in his genre came out immediately against him (Karen Morris and Drag Queen Kelsie, no surprise there).

So when this weekend Wallen canceled a concert last minute leaving his fans rightfully upset (they wish they’d had some warning at least so they didn’t show up to the stadium and wait), leftists rolled in the stink calling Wallen a racists and his fans too and suggesting he is a bad person overall because of the slur incident and they should expect this kind of behavior. 

But is the left consistent in this analysis? 

On the same day as Wallen’s cancellation, Lil Wayne also canceled his show citing “unforeseen circumstances.” Not only was there barely any media coverage at all, there was definitely no dunking on fans. But Lil Wayne is not an uncontroversial artist. In fact, earlier this year he decided to stand by Balenciaga despite their widely reviled campaign featuring children in sexualized bondage. 

Last month, Drake canceled his Lollapalooza performance in Brazil after he already cut his Argentina performance short and cut the live feed of that performance. He received backlash but no one was dunking on Drake fans saying they got what they were owed. Even if Drake has a lyric that says “I blow a half a million on you hoes, I’m a feminist.” Pretty sure “hoe” is a slur for both women generally a sex workers specifically.

Just one week prior to Wallen, Sabrina Carpenter canceled her show moments before going on stage due to a bomb threat. This was outside of her control obviously, but there was almost no coverage of a fairly dramatic incident and certainly no leftist celebrators saying that fans deserved the bomb threat. 

Whatever happened to Wallen which caused the concert to be canceled (he cited lost voice), his fans deserve recompense and his one transgression – for which he has apologized – should not define him in his entirety. His fans are sticking by him and recognize that sometimes your voice does go out. And while maybe he should have given notice, maybe he was trying to push through it. Or maybe something else happened but life is long and transgressions are many and we all need to give each other grace. 

Leftists should remember that those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

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