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Why Are Crowder And Daily Wire STILL Beefing? 



Popular conservative pundit Steven Crowder of Louder with Crowder is once again at odds with the Daily Wire team, in this case, Candace Owens. 

A few weeks ago, Crowder was publicly beefing with the OG internet talking head, Ben Shapiro himself, founder and figurehead of the Daily Wire. We covered the details here but essentially there was a dispute in a contract negotiation. 

Now the issue at hand is that apparently Candace Owens has long been aware of Crowder’s personal issues at home and he posits that in a recent show she threatened to expose his family concerns to the public if he didn’t lay off criticism of the Daily Wire (which stemmed from the contract dispute). 

He details his personal concerns and his beef with Owens in a video posted to Twitter here which was originally posted to Rumble. 

There is a lot to unpack with video. A lot of implications to be unloaded. But, per his wishes, we want to do our best not to continue to discuss his private matters beyond his own words. The essential information from the video is that he claims that Owens’s call to prayer was inauthentic and the suggestion she will keep information to herself unless pressed was tantamount to extortion. 

Needless to say, Owens did not agree with that assessment. 

In a thread responding to the video, Candace doubles down that Crowder is not the victim and implies he’s been causing a lot of problems and making unfair attacks which have caused him his own grief. 

Fans are choosing sides from both perspectives and once again I’m here for my unhelpful and totally unsolicited opinion on who is right: the answer is neither and both. It’s clear that Crowder has a lot he’s going through but he actually has been attacking Daily Wire quite a bit including attacks at their integrity overall. Additionally, despite Owens’s video, he actually did not have to go public with his personal issues and he certainly did not need to be as specific in his feelings regarding the parties of his family involved. It’s a lot to say that Owens’s somehow forced him to post a public video on his own platform. 

But on the other hand, the Owens video did seem like a bit of a threat. The implication of her words was that she would stay quiet as long as she was left alone. Is that extortion? No, that’s a bit extreme. But should it have been said in the same breath as an ask for prayer? I personally do not think so. It really cheapened the sentiment of actual faithful compassion and concern.

If there is a lesson here, and I’m not sure there is, it’s that fixation and obsession with people who you’re in conflict with is unhealthy and usually clouds your ability to make a rational and thoughtful decision. We shouldn’t cling so hard to our grudges. 

I echo my sentiments from prior coverage of this beef to thank Candace Ownes as a fellow woman in politics for all she has done to trailblaze for those of us who seek to use our voices as our own agents. I also thank Steven Crowder for popularizing conservative manhood even if I don’t agree with every part of his ideological structure. Pop conservatism is the best thing for the future of the country and the party. They’ve both done a lot for all of us and I hope they both continue to do so for a long time.

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