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Here is why Kansas City is one of the most underrated cities in America



This year Kansas City played host to the NFL Draft and the city got quite a bit of fanfare and attention coming off their big Super Bowl win last season. 

But aside from the big event, Kansas City is a true midwestern gem that doesn’t get the credit it deserves. 

Here are the top things about Kansas City and why they need more respect than just barbecue: 

  1. Their brewery scene is well above par especially local spots like Casual Animal 

Everyone knows about Boulevard, Kansas City’s most famous local brewery but the city is home to several breweries which popped up in newly popular neighborhoods such as the Crossroads area. My personal favorite is Casual Animal in that neighborhood that features an earthy and laid back environment with plenty of space and big windows to hang with friends and try their offerings. There are a lot of spots with the same vibe in the area that makes a leisurely Saturday beer crawl an easy thing to achieve. 

  1. The art deco architecture is best-in-class

(1) Cameron Gray on Twitter: “Greetings from Kansas City, home to a ton of beautiful old architecture and faded advertisements” / Twitter

Kansas City was founded in 1850 but the big boom and building expansion came during the industrial revolution and expansion into the early depression. Based on rail paths and cattle supplies, Kansas City became the wealthy industrial centerpiece of the country in the early 1900s (Chicago being the wealthier and bigger cousin). What’s truly unique about Kansas City buildings is that they, more so than cities of the area larger in size, have a real sense of time travel when you see them. The intersection of 1920s art-deco, sturdy industrial brick and stone and depression era functionality which has been preserved all these years is special. It’s unlike any other major city in America.  

  1. Speaking of architecture they have one of the most interesting buildings in America which is their public library made of book spines

(2) Books and Wine on Twitter: “Well played, Kansas City Public Library” / Twitter

  1. The entertainment scene is world class 

(2) PCI on Twitter: “Don’t miss the @kauffmancenter while in KC for the #NFLDraft! PCI KC provided drywall, metal studs, & more. See other downtown landmarks we took part in like Two Light Luxury Apts, Loews Hotel, & 21C Museum Hotel. #KauffmanCenter #KansasCity #PCIProud” / Twitter

Most big time concert tours make a stop in Kansas City including all the big names like Taylor Swift. Kansas City also has a modern art museum and a performing arts center which features world class orchestras, operas and ballets. 

  1. The food scene includes food 

Kansas City has a decent and respected food scene particularly, but not exclusively, surrounding barbecue and definitely specializing in beef and American style cuisine. Unlike coastal cities, when you go to a 5-star place in Kansas City you don’t have to leave starving. Corvino Supper Club is consistently rated one of the best in KC and definitely fanciest and they serve full plates of delicious food instead of tiny nonsense. 

  1. There is work to be had in Kansas City 

The kind of work Kansas City is known for is practical trades like energy, health care, manufacturing and engineering. The metropolitan area enjoys an unemployment rate well south of the national average. 

So wake up! Don’t sleep on Kansas City and all it has to offer even after the Draft this weekend. 

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