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The NFL Draft is TONIGHT and here are some quick tips to watching it unfold



The NFL Draft is being held in Kansas City tonight and fans are geared up with their mock drafts and enthusiasm to spare. Even the Alpha Male on twitter gave us a peak at the Alpha Males of the NFL: 

Nick Adams (Alpha Male) on Twitter: “MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: After spending weeks huddled with my team, watching film, and diving into advanced statistics, my 2023 NFL Mock Draft is available to the public. You’re welcome.” / Twitter

For those of us who don’t follow draft news as closely as others (liking football and being an expert aren’t the same thing) but are just as excited for the big day, here are some quick tips to follow along with all the excitement according to the experts

What is the NFL Draft? 

The Draft in a practical sense is where the NFL teams pick their new players for the season, largely (but not exclusively) from college teams. But lately, the NFL has really rebranded the event to be a big show with lots of excitement and decent viewership. So whereas once it was a practical exercise, it has now become a source of added fun to the sports franchise. Much like the Super Bowl, the Draft takes place in a different city each year and this year, it’s in Kansas City. 

What gets the first pick and why? 

The Carolina Panthers have the first pick this year. The why is a bit more complicated. Teams are able to barter their draft position in different player trade deals throughout the season. The Panthers traded D.J. Moore and a couple of other concessions to the Chicago Bears to secure first pick because they are in need of a brand new quarterback which is the most competitive (and flashy) position in the draft. 

So who is Carolina going to pick? Aka who is going to be the #1 Draft pick? 

Right now it’s between two quarterbacks: C.J. Stroud from Ohio State and Bryce Young from Tennessee. If you like to go with the Vegas odds, Young is taking a lead. Will Levis from Kentucky is also in the mix. 

Who gets the most picks? 

That’s right – not all teams have the same amount of folks they can pick (also due to trading described above). The Houston Texans and the Las Vegas Raiders both have 12 picks this year which is the most of all the teams. 

What is a round and how many are there? 

You’ve probably heard someone say a player was picked “in the first round” of the draft. A round of the draft is when all 31 teams have made their first selection. There will be seven rounds (not all 31 teams go each round it depends on the amount of picks and trading positions). Here is a full roster of the rounds and the order in which teams pick. 

Who goes last in the first round? 

The host city, Kansas City, will be going last in the Draft due to their Super Bowl victory. The order of the Draft is meant to help teams stay competitive and ensure one team does not always dominate. 

Who is going to pick last last? 

The very last pick #259 will be the Houston Texans. This player is dubbed colloquially ( and rudely) ‘Mr. Irrelevant.’ 

How many players are going to be drafted? 

There are 259 picks in the draft. That’s a lot of big breaks!

Here’s to the future of football! Enjoy the show!

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