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UH OH! Biden Just Made Another SUPER RACIST Comment



Well, well, well, look who’s at it again! It seems like our dear old Joe Biden just can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. At a recent reception celebrating Eid-al-Fitr, Biden made yet another super racist comment.

Despite having a teleprompter to guide him, Biden still managed to bumble his way through his speech, and even ended up referring to one of the Muslim guests as “boy”… in the weirdest accent we’ve heard from him in a while.

And to make matters worse, when an audience member informed Biden that the first and only Muslim federal judge was present at the reception, he didn’t even bother to give the judge the respect he deserved. Instead, Biden shouted at him, “You wanna come up here and make a speech? Hush up, boy!”

Can you imagine the outrage if our former President Trump had made a similar comment? The liberal media would be up in arms, screaming about racism and bigotry. But because it’s good old Joe, they’ll probably sweep it under the rug.