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BREAKING: Trump Enrages Left With These Comments About Ashli Babbitt



During Wednesday’s CNN town hall, former President Donald Trump stood up for justice and law and order, triggering the left in the process.

He rightfully called out the police officer who fatally shot protester Ashli Babbitt on January 6th as a “thug” and alleged that the officer had bragged about killing her.

“She shouldn’t have been killed and that thug that killed her there has no reason to shoot her at cold blank range, shot her, and she was a good person, she was a patriot,” Trump said. “And there was no reason, there was no reason. And he went on television to brag about the fact that he killed her.”

Although CNN host Kaitlan Collins tried to interrupt with a fake fact-check and claim the officer did NOT brag, anyone who has been on Twitter knows that the left often gloats about Babbitt’s killing and repeatedly claims she deserved it.

It’s refreshing to see Trump stand up for a patriot who should not have been killed and call out this failure of law and order. The left’s double standards when it comes to violence and justice is truly appalling.