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OMG! Out-Of-Touch Biden Says THIS Is The Biggest Threat To Our Nation



In a recent speech at Howard University, President Joe Biden once again resorted to divisive rhetoric, claiming that “white supremacy” represents the most significant terrorist threat facing the United States.

This inflammatory statement, made at a historically Black university, raises serious concerns about the priorities of the Biden administration and their commitment to fostering unity among Americans.

During his address, President Biden lamented the persistence of racism, acknowledging the challenges it poses to our society. “I’m not saying this because I’m at a Black HBCU,” he stated. “I say it wherever I go.”

While it is true that racism is a problem that we must confront, the president’s decision to single out white supremacy as the foremost threat to our nation’s security is misguided at best and politically motivated at worst.

By framing white supremacy as the primary terrorist menace, President Biden not only undermines the efforts of law enforcement agencies combating various forms of extremism but also fails to acknowledge the broader range of threats that face our nation, including international terrorism, cyberattacks, and geopolitical challenges. Such a narrow focus on white supremacy disregards the complexity of the security landscape and perpetuates a divisive narrative that only serves to further polarize our society.

Moreover, President Biden’s assertion that he speaks against white supremacy “wherever” he goes does little to alleviate concerns about the motivations behind his statements. While it is essential to address racial issues, his choice of venue and the subsequent applause from the crowd suggest that his words were primarily intended to pander to a specific audience rather than foster genuine dialogue and understanding.

Unsurprisingly, conservatives swiftly took to social media to criticize the president’s speech, questioning the misplaced priorities of the Biden administration.

It is understandable that many Americans are perplexed by the president’s focus on white supremacy, considering the myriad challenges our country faces, from economic recovery to border security to international relations. Instead of unifying the nation and working toward shared goals, President Biden’s remarks further contribute to the growing divide in our society.

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