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BREAKING: Ted Cruz Shreds Hack Journalist Over False Narratives on the Border Crisis



In a remarkable display of awesome, Senator Ted Cruz fearlessly dismantled a hack journalist who shamelessly regurgitated Democratic talking points on the ongoing border crisis, willfully turning a blind eye to the stark realities on the ground. The video capturing this extraordinary exchange is an absolute must-watch for anyone seeking unfiltered truth.

The border crisis continues to plague our nation, posing serious threats to our national security and sovereignty. However, instead of providing objective reporting, the liberal media has chosen to parrot a one-sided narrative, playing into the hands of the Democrats who seek to exploit the situation for political gain.

Ted came to the argument armed with facts, reason, and a deep understanding of the border crisis. In the face of this hack journalist’s biased line of BS, Senator Cruz boldly and eloquently exposed the fallacies and misrepresentations that have become all too common in the liberal media’s coverage.

It was a sight to behold.

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    Ted Cruz you are one wonderful human being! Thank GOD for fearless men like you!

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