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Happy Fathers Day! Which famous TV Dad is Donald Trump? 



Throughout the years, there have been many iconic T.V. Dad’s. From loveable goofballs to kings of the realm, our favorite fathers of the silver screen taught us life’s most important lessons other than ones our real dads taught us (other than when they kept telling us to watch less T.V.). 

With so many politicians vying to be America’s dad, it might help us choose by looking at their national parenting style. Which T.V. father best matches our favorite presidential candidates? 

Grab some father’s day swag here and check it out below: 

  1. Donald Trump is Ned Stark 

A nobel but ambitious ruler whose constituency and family is ferociously loyal and who has repeatedly cautioned against the rise of an unstoppable enemy but was ultimately betrayed by a corrupt elite class who always sought his demise. Am I describing Ned Stark or Donald Trump? Winter is coming either way.

  1. Mike Pence is Eric Camden 

Rev. Eric Camden is known best for having absolutely bananas situations grip his household and for offering little to no valuable aid in those insane situations. Yet, he believes he is the most helpful, most righteous person in perhaps the entire world. This is the way of Mike Pence. If he found a marijuana joint he would almost certainly drug test all of us, even the babies.

  1. Vivek Ramaswamy is Philip Banks

Obviously both Vivek and Philip are super wealthy and super pragmatic. America is the wayward nephew, Will, and Vivek is Philip Banks offering a new life and a new way of thinking. Vivek would 100% throw out ‘Jazz.’ 

  1. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is Tim Taylor 

RFK and the Tool Man might not seem to have a lot in common on the surface, but like Tim Taylor, RFK is a reliable guy who puts family wellness first. Tim is married to a woman who works outside the home and goes back to school for her masters degree and he has an eccentric neighbor who he only speaks to over a fence all of which just vibes RFK for me. Tim’s obsession was cars and tools and he spoke passionately about both often going over the top with his enthusiasm. RFK is the same way with vaccine safety and corruption issues within the government, big pharma and other federal actors. 

  1. Tim Scott is Carl Winslow 

Carl Winslow and Tim Scott both value hard work, law and order and nerds. They both have big smiles and know how to shut down a bad argument when they hear one. No one got away with anything in Carl’s house. And they wouldn’t in Tim’s either. But he totally would do the Urkle. 

  1. Ron DeSantis is Danny Tanner

Danny Tanner is the cliche T.V. dad that everyone did love in the 1990s and who had some pretty good ideas about parenting and cleaning methodologies. He was exactly the kind of dad people would and did script to be “good dad archetype.” Ron DeSantis definitely thinks Danny Tanner is the dad America is looking for.

  1. Chris Christie is Tony Soprano 

This one speaks for itself. 

  1. Joe Biden is Mike Brady

There is something inherently creepy about Mike Brady and the entire Brady situation. On top of that, Mike had very little of any interest to say and never seemed to know what was going on. Joe Biden is absolutely creepy Mike Brady.