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Who would win in a fight? RFK JR. and Joe Rogan V Mark Cuban and Dr. Hotez



Recently, Joe Rogan challenged vaccine pusher and creator, Dr. Peter Hotez, to debate democratic candidate for president, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on issues surrounding debates. Despite his cries of victimhood, this comes after Hotez called RFK a dangerous conspiracy theorist but declined to address any of the detailed concerns RFK has presented in regard to mandated vaccinations, particularly those recommended for children. Hotez declined to debate RFK even at the offer of $100,000 for charity. He offered to go on Joe Rogan’s program without the set-up of debate. 

For no reason at all and based on no particular interest from anyone in the public, Dallas Mavericks owner, Mark Cuban, jumped into the fray with a tirade on twitter defending Dr. Hotez and claiming he had been somehow bullied by Rogan. Hotez also claims he’s being physically stalked (evidence not provided). If anyone is actually stalking Hotez? Stop ya looney toons.

The whole disagreement is really framing up like a classic WWE style stable feud. Sure Joe Rogan is from UFC but the organizations have merged and frankly WWE has better costumes and beautifully written storylines. 

So who wins in a WWE style tag-team match up? Let’s look at the stats: 

Team RFK JR. and Joe Rogan

RFK has top points in consistency and stamina. 

RFK Jr. has held his positions on vaccines since long before COVID-19. He has held his beliefs that vaccine safety information is not appropriately made available to families and that mandatory vaccine rosters are unethical and that for undisclosed reasons some vaccines do not go through as rigorous of safety testing as others. He has long stressed that vaccines should not be made mandatory for children in-particular and that the science community should not stifle discussion of concerns for safety simply because they think they know best. During the push for mandatory vaccines during the COVID-19 pandemic which lost people their livelihoods and access to education, RFK’s concerns were amplified particularly considering how all discussion about the risks associated with the COVID vaccine was censored by every single communication platform in the world. 

RFK has a prominent foundation dedicated to the safety of children and has all of the credibility and prominence associated with his family’s name. 

Joe Rogan on the other hand is a live wire. You never know where he might go or what he might say but he always comes out swinging. 

Rogan also hosts Spotify’s most popular podcast with 11 million listeners per episode. Rogan has more reach per episode than any top cable news program even when Tucker Carlson was still on Fox News. 

Rogan has allies like Elon Musk who make his reach even wider. It’ll be hard to dodge a wingspan like Rogan’s. 

Team Pete Hotez and Mark Cuban

You have to hand it to him, Pete Hotez has passion. 

He absolutely loves vaccines. And he makes a lot of vaccines too. He was one of the scientists behind the creation of the non-patent vaccine which was not allowed to be used in the United States for “safety reasons.” It was absolutely not kept out of the U.S. to protect the bottom line of Pfizer and Moderna who were paid literally billions of dollars by the federal government, state governments and our insurance companies to deploy their versions of the COVID vaccines which the government attempted to make mandatory with the penalty of job loss. Hotez claims he is not a Pharmashill since he spends his life making free drugs. But he supported the vaccine mandate in America perhaps because he didn’t consider the implication of the uncompetitive financial relationship between the U.S. government and large pharmaceutical companies. He has not been able to make a connection between his vaccines operating outside the United States and massive Pharmaceutical industry profits.

He has testified before Congress but he has never chosen to offer specific contrasts to RFK’s concerns about how vaccines are created and mandated in America. Instead he offers facts and figures on vaccines efficacy and safety which are unrelated to concerns about mandates and risk transparency. 

By declining to participate in a debate he seems like he might not actually have the answers to RFK’s concerts. Not sure he has what it takes. That being said, his team includes the full backing of every major media outlet in America and every arm of the government. 

Mark Cuban wants it more than anyone.

The Mavericks Owner wants to be considered one of the cool billionaires like Musk, Zuckerberg or Bezos but he really strikes people as maybe a Bloomberg. 

Cuban has a much more limited reach than Rogan but he does have the entire weight of the mainstream media in his stable. 

So who wins the matchup? Maybe Pete Hotez should agree to debate RFK Jr and we’ll find out.