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LOL! Trump SLAMS Fox News On Fox News And It Is Amazing



The one and only Donald J. Trump just dropped some truth bombs during his interview on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report” with Bret Baier. You know, Fox News used to be the hottest thing on TV, but even Trump knows their ratings are taking a dip. It looks like he couldn’t wait to point it out.

In a series of aggressive questions, Baier brought up all those potential charges Trump is facing, seeming to cast doubt on Trump’s assertion that they are “political witch hunts.” Baier asked, “You are facing a number of potential charges in other cases. You said all of which are political witch hunts…”

“What do you say to the voter who really liked many of your policies, but they can’t handle the scandals or the controversies or the name-calling and the vitriol? What do you say to that voter who’s worried that all leads to a general election loss?”

Trump replied confidently, with the truth, saying: “Based on the polls, I’m leading Biden by a lot. Based on the polls, I’m leading all of the Republicans by a lot, by 40 points, and more. Right now, I have the best polls I’ve ever had. People see this stuff for what it is. It’s a political witch hunt.”

Brett seemed to challenge this position, suggesting Fox News viewers don’t feel the same – and “more independent voters watch Fox News more than any other source.”

Well, guess what? Trump didn’t let that slide. He shut him down with a sassy comeback, saying, “A lot less than used to watch it.”


And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, later in the interview Trump also dropped that he’s “not a fan of Fox News anymore.”

Watching Trump in action is truly something else. He’s fearless, confident, and unapologetically himself. Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that he’s always fun to watch.