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Out on the campaign trail, Joe Biden is shamelessly attempting to popularize the term “Bidenomics,” as if we’re all supposed to believe that his economic policies have miraculously transformed the United States into an economic powerhouse.

Well, I hate to burst his bubble, but the real world doesn’t quite align with his delusions.

Whether it’s through his Twitter rants or his pompous speeches, Biden can’t seem to resist singing the praises of “Bidenomics.” In one of his tweets (or more likely, one written by his handlers), he dared to claim, “We’ve added over 13 million jobs – more jobs in two years than any president has added in a four-year term. And that’s no accident. That’s Bidenomics.” Sure, technically, there may have been an increase in jobs, but most of them were simply a result of businesses returning to normal after the pandemic, not some grand achievement of his economic policies.

The entire concept of “Bidenomics” is built on a foundation of deceit… and counts on the fact that most Americans are total idiots.

The truth should be clear to anyone living in this country but here are just a few things “Bidenomics” has given us.

Out-of-control inflation, higher gas prices, lower wages, skyrocketing credit card debt, and more, more, and more red tape.

Under Joe Biden’s watch, the United States has experienced 26 consecutive months of 4% or higher inflation, reaching a staggering 9.1% in June 2022. In the four years prior, inflation averaged a modest 2%.

That’s especially hard to deal with considering “real average” hourly earnings have plummeted by more than 3%. Our purchasing power is worse than it’s ever been! Especially when it comes to energy. Biden promised to make gas more affordable but he proudly handed Americans a record-high national average last summer.

Probably, in large part, due to all of those things, Americans have seen their credit card debt skyrocket by a mind-boggling $250 billion, bringing the total to a staggering $1 trillion. It seems like Biden’s economic policies are leaving ordinary Americans drowning in debt.

But hey, let’s not let facts get in the way of Biden’s fantasy.

Biden’s likely to continue this out-of-touch campaign scheme but Americans are seeing through it already. A recent Fox News poll revealed that a measly 20% of Americans believe Biden’s economic policies are actually benefiting them.

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