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BREAKING: Tucker’s Latest Episode Explains This Simple Truth



In a recent episode of “Tucker on Twitter,” Tucker Carlson, our favorite voice of reason, shed light on President Joe Biden’s administration and its questionable stance on the war in Ukraine. Carlson boldly pointed out that Biden’s team seems to be cheering on the conflict, for one big reason… gaining power.

The Biden administration, along with bipartisan members of Congress, has been fervently defending Ukraine as if it were a noble crusade for democracy, both for the Ukrainians themselves and for the United States. Carlson highlighted the support U.S. politicians have shown for Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, even after he suggested the possibility of canceling elections in his country “due to the ongoing conflict.”

With a hint of sarcasm, Carlson pondered what the Biden administration really thinks about Zelenskyy’s statement. Can they possibly continue supporting him after he essentially undermined the very reason for their support? He threatened to end democracy, in the fight for democracy! Carlson’s rhetorical question was followed by a biting observation: “Of course we can! And we will!”

As Biden continues to pledge unwavering support for Ukraine, Carlson rightly pointed out that it should come as no surprise that U.S. leaders would rally behind Zelenskyy in the name of “democracy.” After all, in the twisted world of politics, contradictions and hypocrisy are par for the course.

WATCH the episode here:

Keep the truth coming, Tucker!